Wednesday, April 11, 2012

STOP Leaning Left

While visiting my daughter and son-in-law in VA, we did lots of site-seeing in Washington DC. It is pretty impressive. The monuments and landmarks are must sees, however, I can spend days in the art museums, my favorite being the Portrait Museum. I don't really care too much for blatant 'political art' but I couldn't resist painting this photo I had taken. This painting was also made better with the use of scissors. It originally had a street with a car and crosswalk in the bottom 1/3. I never really liked the way the car came out, so out came the scissors. I like the square format and the design is much improved.

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freedomfire said...

I didn't realize this was an actual painting from a photograph you took. I thought you kind of pushed the stop sign left so that you can say "stop leaning left". I just love this. I know someone (not popular in the left-leaning art world) that is looking for an artist that can help capture the youth as the progressives have done with arts and entertainment. Do you think you could capture the tea party in an art form that the youth would pay attention too? We need to take back our youth and teach them the truth but our side has a difficult time doing so since we are looked at as the old white fogie party. Art can change hearts :)