Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apples & Oranges

Sometimes the best art is created with a pair of scissors. I did a 29"x 23" painting that was fun. I didn't use any reference, I just started painting. Originally there was a nude lady sitting on a chair holding an apple in front of a mirror. The apple in her hand was suppose to have some deep meaning which I was never really able to figure out. Anyhow, I painted more apples behind her head, to give even more meaning to the painting. When people looked at it, the only comment was that they liked the apples, and oranges, behind her head. I liked the apples and oranges behind her head too, but I still couldn't figure out why there was a naked lady sitting in front of a mirror holding an apple. So I painted over her head and took out some scissors cutting off the bottom 3/4's for the painting. That's hard to do on a signed painting you have spent a lot of time painting, thinking it is complete. But now I have a nice framed painting in an interesting format of 'Apples & Oranges'. It may still be lacking deep meaning though.

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