Monday, July 12, 2010

Napa Memories


Napa in the 50's and 60's was much different than today. I remember when cows outnumbered wineries. There were about a dozens or so wineries back then, now there are hundreds. My playground were the rolling hills behind our neighborhood. We hiked, made forts in the weeds and had dirt clod battles, and made treehouse lookouts.

These paintings are the first in a series I plan to do that bring back some of those childhood memories of the Napa Valley and surrounding areas.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bye Henry

These painting were inspired by the recent passing of Henry Fukuhara. He inspired many artists and will be greatly missed. I referred to a photo I had taken of him while leaving my studio. The style is my attempt to do the painting in a similar style as Henry's.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Read Paper, Red Bow Tie


On a visit to Huntington Library, I saw this elderly man reading the paper. I was attracted to his white suit and red bow tie. After completing the painting I took it to my art clubs monthly meeting. We encourage members to bring recently completed paintings to share with the group each month. After the meeting a member came up and said he thought the person in the painting was a doctor friend of his. The next morning I received a call from a doctor who said, "I hear you did a painting of me, I'd like to see it." I scheduled a time to meet him at his office to show him the painting. The painting was a big hit with his co-workers. The only negative comment was that they wished I hadn't made him bald. I said I had a camera with me and if he was interested I could take his picture and reworked the painting to get more of a likeness. He was a nice gentleman and visited with me for a while. I came to find out his wife had been active in plein air painting and that he had an appreciation for art and was a collector. He asked if I was going to take his picture or not, so I did. After reworking the painting, I called to schedule a time for him to review the changes, he asked that I change the white shoes to brown before coming back, so I did. He was pleased with the final revisions and purchased the painting.

Read Paper, Red Bow Tie / Acrylic / 23"x29"

Wave Goodbye


Had to wave goodbye to 'Wave Goodbye' which recently sold. While on a bike ride with a group of our friends and their kids, we stopped at a beach in San Pedro. Several of the kids in our group thought it would be fun to wade out to the breakers. They were surprised by the size of the waves crashing into the breaker. When I saw their reaction to the waves, I came up with the title for this painting, before it was painted.

This has been an award winner. 1st Place, San Gabriel Fine Arts Association; 3rd Place, Mid-Valley Art League; Juried into a Laguna Beach exhibition at Southern California Arts Association.

Wave Goodbye / Oil on Canvas Board / 9"x 12"