Saturday, November 17, 2012

Skies the Limit

These are 5"x 7" studies  for a larger series of Skyscapes.
The trick is to translate the spontaneity from the small studies to larger paintings...wish me luck.

Real Hope & Change

In light of current events, this concept came to mind...
12"x 12" Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Veronica at Studio

Painting from a live model is a great exercise. Since most sessions are typically 3 hours, lots of decisions need to be made quickly and there is less opportunity to overwork the painting. Everything might not be perfect but that adds to the feel and look of the finished artwork. (Update – This painting was juried into Pasadena Society of Artists 88th Annual Exihibition June, 2013)

23"x 29" Acrylic

Monday, October 8, 2012

Texas Here We Come

Friends of ours recently packed up and moved to Texas to retire and be closer to one of their kids families. As a going away gift I presented these paintings for them to choose from. They are small 5"x 7" studies with 11"x 14" mattes. They picked the one with the angled flag and then decided to purchase the other flag one for their son. I kept the bottom one, 'Chili Tango'. 

Lemons in a Bowl

This was a challenge with a bird's eye view point and cast shadows from the window blinds.

Lemons in a Bowl / Acrylic / 24"x 24"

Woman on a Mission

This painting recently received an Honor Mention at the San Gabriel Fine Art Association Fall Exhibition. 12"x 12"

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Real Trouper


This painting can be seen at Millard Sheets Gallery, August 31 to September 30, 2012. The theme of this years exhibition is, "Art & Fair – A 90 Year Celebration". Be sure to stop by the gallery if you happen to be visiting the LA County Fair this year. The painting was from a live model. He mentioned he had performed fire eating, so when I got back to the studio I added the fire sticks and circus related graphics in the background. He is a Real Trouper.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Which Way Are We Headed?

By giving this painting a thought provoking title, it makes the visual even more interesting. Which way is the country headed?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

STOP Leaning Left

While visiting my daughter and son-in-law in VA, we did lots of site-seeing in Washington DC. It is pretty impressive. The monuments and landmarks are must sees, however, I can spend days in the art museums, my favorite being the Portrait Museum. I don't really care too much for blatant 'political art' but I couldn't resist painting this photo I had taken. This painting was also made better with the use of scissors. It originally had a street with a car and crosswalk in the bottom 1/3. I never really liked the way the car came out, so out came the scissors. I like the square format and the design is much improved.

Apples & Oranges

Sometimes the best art is created with a pair of scissors. I did a 29"x 23" painting that was fun. I didn't use any reference, I just started painting. Originally there was a nude lady sitting on a chair holding an apple in front of a mirror. The apple in her hand was suppose to have some deep meaning which I was never really able to figure out. Anyhow, I painted more apples behind her head, to give even more meaning to the painting. When people looked at it, the only comment was that they liked the apples, and oranges, behind her head. I liked the apples and oranges behind her head too, but I still couldn't figure out why there was a naked lady sitting in front of a mirror holding an apple. So I painted over her head and took out some scissors cutting off the bottom 3/4's for the painting. That's hard to do on a signed painting you have spent a lot of time painting, thinking it is complete. But now I have a nice framed painting in an interesting format of 'Apples & Oranges'. It may still be lacking deep meaning though.

Tea for Two

Three Lumps, 12"x 12"

St. Patrick's Day Coffee, 12"x 12"

My youngest daughter is fond of hosting tea parties (the kind with Chinaware). I am going to keep trying to paint one she would like to have, I'm more of a coffee drinker myself.

Poppy Fields

Finishing touches.

After completing the brand identity for Tri-City Mental Health Services in Pomona the client asked if I knew of anyone that did murals. I said, "as a matter of fact, my daughter Tracy does." We set up an interview, she did two small paintings for the client to evaluate. It is an indoor mural in a multipurpose room that caters to kids. It is colorful and upbeat and represents the San Gabriel mountains and California poppies in the Tri-City area. I was Tracy's assistant on the project. It took us three, 3 hour sessions to complete. It's 7.5' high and 14' wide.

Michigan Theme

Working on the door at the studio.

The final painting back on its hinges.

For some reason my wife wanted a storage door in her upstairs home office painted. Since she is from Michigan and we have fond memories of vacationing there each summer, I referred to a photo I had taken of her walking on a sand bar on a lake in MI.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Michigan Man

This is a tribute to my father-in-law. This was one of his favorite positions while sitting and talking. There was ugly foliage behind him so I inserted the puffing Michigan clouds. He retired in the Traverse City, MI area where our family enjoyed summer vacations at his home for 24 years. He got to see this painting several months before he passed away last April. It brings back great memories when I look at it.

Peering Over Pier

After several preliminary studies this was completed on a 20" x 16" wrap-around canvas. It received a Second Place Award in MVAL 57th Annual Exhibition.

Peering Over Pier Series

12" x 9", Acrylic on Paper

Inspired by various painting series by Richard Diebenkorn, I attempted to abstract a reference photo I took of a view looking over the Hermosa Beach pier. The first attempt is strongly influenced by the photo, the next is less detailed but still relies on local color. The final attempt is the most abstract and less influenced by the local color.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Good Year!


Here is a typical California scene. Palm trees and a blimp.
This made a good new year card this year.

Golden Hills

This artwork is based on the design created on the small 'Hill Yes' painting.
I like the look of the 12" x 12" x 1" wrap-around canvas.

Hill Yes

A 5" x 7" study for larger hill paintings. Trying to stay looser and more abstract.



I like to do 5" x 7" warm-up paintings or sometimes end of the day paintings so no paint goes to waste. No reference, just painting for fun. Put a matte on them, they become ART!

Abstract Hills

Working on abstract design using hills as the reference.

California Hills

A small study of California hills.

Studio Models

Occasionally we have models at the studio for 3 hour sessions.