Monday, January 18, 2010

Read Paper, Red Bow Tie


On a visit to Huntington Library, I saw this elderly man reading the paper. I was attracted to his white suit and red bow tie. After completing the painting I took it to my art clubs monthly meeting. We encourage members to bring recently completed paintings to share with the group each month. After the meeting a member came up and said he thought the person in the painting was a doctor friend of his. The next morning I received a call from a doctor who said, "I hear you did a painting of me, I'd like to see it." I scheduled a time to meet him at his office to show him the painting. The painting was a big hit with his co-workers. The only negative comment was that they wished I hadn't made him bald. I said I had a camera with me and if he was interested I could take his picture and reworked the painting to get more of a likeness. He was a nice gentleman and visited with me for a while. I came to find out his wife had been active in plein air painting and that he had an appreciation for art and was a collector. He asked if I was going to take his picture or not, so I did. After reworking the painting, I called to schedule a time for him to review the changes, he asked that I change the white shoes to brown before coming back, so I did. He was pleased with the final revisions and purchased the painting.

Read Paper, Red Bow Tie / Acrylic / 23"x29"

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