Wednesday, April 22, 2009

articulate art

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I had the unique opportunity to have access to live models 4x's a week while running Fine Artists Factory. In 2003 I began doing life drawings, basically circles and cylinders. After a couple years the circles and cylinders tuned into drawings of almost recognizable people. The charcoal drawings continued to improve but I became impatient with the academic looking result. I wanted to paint. So one day during a 3 hour session I took out old used hand-me-down acyrlics
and a large sheet of canvas paper and began painting. The first attempt met with success which can be seen on Page 4 of 'articulate art'. I began to really have fun. I felt like a painter. It was the first time I had created a body of work that looked like the same artist had created them. I was excited to show the work as a group and came up with the idea of interviewing myself, in a mock interview. I created 'articulate art' as a format to feature the new direction and have some tongue-in-cheek fun presenting it. The brochure has received a graphic design award and to-date 3 of the featured pieces have sold. Two of the pieces that have yet to sell have been juried into several exhibitions. Enjoy!

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